Monday, September 12, 2011

That Dior Commercial......

Wow, this is Amazing with a capital A........ the wonders of modern technology where one can act alongside of Grace, Marlene and Marilyn..... it's so astounding, how did they do it !!??????


  1. W O N D E R F U L !!!

    (and now I secretly hope to meet Marlene when I walk my dog or take out the trash)

  2. This is breathtaking!!! Ohhh how i wish i could meet them all, they look so very real and alive and every inch the beauties they were in their heyday. wow.

  3. OMG! they look so Alive, thank you for sharing, I would never have see it otherwise.

  4. Looks amazing! Its quite possible with modern tech these days - In Final Cut Pro you can layer and edit video in the same way you would in Adobe Photoshop. So it's just a matter of cutting out the right bits (just Marilyn out of her background for example) and overlaying them with modern film.

    Such a great ad!


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