Sunday, June 27, 2010

Vintage Art - Shag

Dont you just love creativity? I love it when people take something and put a new spin on it, or do something with new flare, new life.......

"Originality is not doing something no one else has ever done,
But doing what has been done countless times with new life, new breath"
And this pretty much sums up the art of Josh Agle aka Shag. To me there is something indefinably familiar about his works, yet they are fresh and captivating every time I see them.

Full of colour, mood, depth and frequently with a sense of humour or statement to make. They take my breath away. Women are sophisticated, men are suave, surroundings are usually lavish and is all like some early James Bond film.
I have my dear friends Travis and Belinda to thank for introducing me to his very 1960's 'lounge culture'  and Tiki style work. As Josh says....
"Most of my paintings are set in the middle of a story or situation - charactors are interacting and reacting to each other and to outside events"
This makes his works full of life and activity. If these works captivate you as they do me, they can be purchased online at numerous galleries, but the best online site to go is Shag's own home page.

Scotty Baker - Wintersun Performances

Our wonderful friends Paul and Marilyn have very kindly posted Scottys wintersun performances on Youtube, and I would like to share them with you all here - being the proud wife that I am...........

The Day the Martians Came to Town

Doin time on the Passanger Side

Jackie and Dave

Gonna Move to The City

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Autumn Dresses........

I know we are in winter in the Southern Hemisphere, but I wanted to share with you my dress creations of the Autumn just gone (and a couple of my 'masterpeices' out of my wardrobe that I havent presented here before too !!!)......

My Jackie Kennedy inspired winter suit - I even have a pillbox hat to go with it !! :o) (Should have ironed that crease out before I photographed it !!!)

I adore this fabric - my favorite shade of green !! I also like the almost oriental touch to the print too, instead of my usual english roses tendancy !

I was blessed to be given this fabric by a girlfriend who was cleaning out her mothers cupboards - itsnt it pretty !!

All made from vintage patterns.....I am starting to get a little more adventurous with my sewing attempts, particularly as I attempt winter clothing instead of pretty cotton summer dresses.....

Aunty Rhonda's 'Birchip' Sponge

When I was a little girl in the early 80's, my Aunty Rhonda lived in the little township of Birchip in Victoria's Western District. While there, Aunty Rhonda happened across an amazing 'no fail' sponge recipe, which I have called "The Birchip Sponge".......

I have never attempted a sponge before, feeling that it may have been somewhat out of my league, however, after getting this recipe off Aunty Rhonda, I decided to just jump in the deep end and give it a go - after all, you cant be a 50's housewife without being able to make a sponge cake !!! And the results were quite surprisingly good.......

I ended up making four sponges for a community event I catered for - and to my surprise, there wasn't a single piece left over !! I guess they must have tasted quite alright !!

Birchip Sponge

4 eggs - seperated
3/4 cup cornflour
1 teaspoon cream of tarta
3/4 cup castor sugar
1 tablespoon custard powder
1/2 teaspoon bi-carb soda

Beat egg whites with a dash of salt.

Add sugar slowly as you go.

Add egg yolks one at a time.

Sift dry ingredients, then fold in with a wooden spoon.

Bake in a moderate oven (180 degrees) for 20-25 minutes.

Too easy !!!

I made two sponges and sandwhiched them together with jam and whipped chantilly cream (cream beaten with icing sugar and vanilla), and iced the cake with my favourite passionfruit icing (icing sugar mixed with the pulp of two passionfruit). Delicious !

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wintersun Review

Oh boo hoo !!! It's over again for another year !! 360 sleeps till the next Wintersun !! But what a wonderful time it was in 2010!! Here is my 'review' for this year - but remember, this is just my opinion....would love to hear what you thought too !!

Best Band

This was a toughie ! There were three bands that I simply couldnt decide between for second place, so I have given them all second place billing !!

Equal Second Place Favorite - the much adored Rechords from Melbourne !! Hubba Hubba guys !! Keep those terrific original tunes, fabulous harmonies and Leo's great yodelling coming !

Equal Second Place Favorite - The wonderful Bellfuries from Texas...oh Joey, your voice is amazing especially when you sing Sam Cooke !

Equal Second Place Favorite - Hank and the Cosmonauts who kept us dancing on the final night of wintersun...... such great stage presence and kiddies sing "King Kong" all the time - we love you Hank !

Best Band at Wintersun 2010 - Men Into Space. Oh you guys are not only hilarious, quirky and talented, but you look hot in your space suits !! Love your music, love the quirky 50's space spin on what you do, and love your special guest alien !! I will be shakin my ass-teriod to all your tunes as soon as you get a CD out !!!

Best Solo Performer

Ok, so I am biased in my choice of favorite solo performers, but I am also honest, which is why....

Best Solo Performer Equal Second Place - is my hubby, Scotty Baker!! I was as proud as punch of Scottys performances at the Rockabilly Headquarters and on Sunday morning on the Press-tone Stage in the street - I think he melted a few ladies hearts, including my own !!!

Best Solo Performer Equal Second Place - Danny and the Cosmic Tremors were simply fantastic on Saturday night. I was particularly moved by Danny giving the background to a couple of his songs - it made them so meaningful and utterly beautiful - Danny, not only are you a wonderful performer, but a great songwriting poet too !

Best Solo Performer - I dont think there are any ladies out there who would argue with me putting Nick Willet in this spot !! We were all eating out of his hand - what a talent, what a voice, what a honey ! The fact that Scotty agrees with me on this also puts my mind at ease !!!! (Pictured above with the adorable Carly and enchanting Candice)

Best Event

Best Event Second Place - Was undoubtedly the fantastic cake bake off !! What a sensational idea this was - to bake a cake and present it in best 50's flair !! Here are a couple of photographs from the delightful event, and I am looking forward to seeing this again at Wintersun 2011 !! Yum !!

Third place getter Vicki Martin with her lime green marshmellow cake !

Best Event - The fantastic Circa Vintage swimsuit parade ! Held on both Saturday and Sunday afternoons, this event drew huge crowds and was informative and entertaining - for both participants and viewers alike ! Gorgeous costumes, stunning models, a wonderful compare, beautiful dressing assistants backstage and co-ordinated by the ever stylish and lovely Nicole Jenkins of Circa Vintage. What an amazing job Nicole did of orchastrating this event, providing the swimwear and props, fitting the models, detailing the informative narration, and ensuring everything ran smoothly on the day! Bravo to you Nicole - this event was a HUGE (and extreemly fun!) sucess !!


Best Dressed Gals

So sorry people - this catagory is totally impossible to give a winner or place getters to - the calibre was so very outstanding !! I am just going to post photographs of how totally stunning the girls looked all wintersun long...........


Best Dressed Guys

And ditto for these most handsome, suave and sophisticated of men.....

So as you can see, Wintersun 2010 was totally fantastic in every aspect ! A big thankyou to those who have allowed me the use of their photos here - Vicki, Danny and Clare, Jodie, Candice, Robyn and Nicole. We are looking forward to next year and counting the sleeps already !!! Till then, hope to see you all at Greazefest in August !
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