Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More adventures of Super Mummy and Rainbow Girl...

Today Rainbow Girl and Super Mummy decided that all the Barbie Doll's needed brand new party dresses ( and a special home made chocolate cake for the said party ) so we set about making 6 new dolly dresses. Super Mummy remembers loving making and designing Barbie clothes when she was just a little superhero, and Super Mummy was very keen to pass that enjoyment onto Rainbow Girl. Together they sat down and found a top and skirt design online that they then melded into a dress and added a tie waist ribbon to make putting on and fitting so much easier.

Ta dah !!! We have 6 stunning new dresses all ready to wear to the party !! And Super Mummy is so glad that she is somewhat of an organised sewing hoarder and has kept oodles of scrap fabrics for just such an occasion........ ahhh, who needs Edith Head when one has Super Mummy and Rainbow Girl at the helm !!! (Ok Ok, so unlike Edith in a film, these are all the same pattern !! Never Mind.....sometimes a Super Mummy takes the easy way to giving joy to Rainbow Girl !!)


  1. Well done girls, they look beautiful.

  2. Lovely!!! Nothing better than a vintage look for Barbie!



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