Thursday, February 20, 2014

Snippets of the City

I LOVE Melbourne. The CBD is alive with culture, fashion, food and fun. But I remember a time when that wasn't really the case. Being the age I am (no need to guess at that folks) I remember when the CBD was pretty dead. Full of business people during the day, dingy empty allies, shoppers in the Bourke Street Mall only and NOTHING at night - save the Metro Nightclub and a few pockets of restaurants. Bravo to all those involved with transforming Melbourne's CBD into one of the hippest, fun-loving, creative and delightful city centres on the globe today. Here are some of my own personal favourite places to hang out when I'm downtown - all with a tinge of something vintagey about them.....
A fantastic restaurant on Swanston Street, buzzing with fun art, great music and of course, yummy food. I particularly love the Little Golden Books on display and the wall of lipstick kisses.

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Captains of Industry

Gentlemans outfitter and café. Once again, this place has a wonderful vibe - great music, great food, great atmosphere. AND you can watch a vintage style barber, shoemaker and taylor at work while you sip your late. Fun.

This place is Divine with a capital D. Every city should have a store like this. Every regional town should have a store like this. In their own words "We love to bring you produce and products made and crafted in Victoria, Australia. We're very proud of our artisan makers and growers." Totally brilliant. Need I say more?
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Oo la la ! My daughter (Rainbow Girl) and her Fancy Nancy books would swoon at this shop. Macaroons in every colour of the rainbow - the perfect fuel for a superhero princess. (Can I let you in on a little secret though? Super Mummy also thinks this shop is a dream, and simply breathing in the beauty of this boutique patisserie is enough to empower you for a day's shopping.)
Who doesn't love glamorous vintage frocks these days??? Read any novel worth its salt, watch any timeless movie, pick up any history of fashion coffee table book and vintage dressing or classic clothing features in inspiring forms. The same is easily said of Circa Vintage. Although a little, shall we say, intriguing to find, this beautiful vintage clothing shop, perched on the second floor of one of Elizabeth Street's darling art deco buildings, is well worth hunting for - the victory of discovering such a treasure only adds to the memorable experience!
So there you go. My five favourite destinations in Melbourne CBD. For that something different, wonderful, creative and quirkey, this beautiful city wins every time. Hoping to bring you more great destinations as I venture into inner city suburbs in months to come.

Friday, February 7, 2014

The back country Bridget Bardot....

Out in remote rural Victoria, Australia you will find many treasures.
Quaint country towns. 
Gorgeous scenery.
Amazing wildlife.
And beautiful women.
Pretty, genuine, warm hearted women. Infact, I know more lovely single women in the country than I do single men - which is an interesting fact considering the media hype surrounding farmers needing wives (an aside thought which has nothing to do with todays post !!)
Because there are so many adorable women, I have no trouble finding stunning gals to model for me as I dabble in a bit of fashion shoot fun, and my Bridget Bardot shoot with the beautiful Chanice is no exception.
Thankyou to Ros Dwyer for the loan of these lovely 1960's nightdresses.
Thankyou to Chanice for being such fun! 
The Telephone Girl



Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Marvelous Mojito Monday...

Its been a while since I posted a really fabulous drink recipe, but I was surprised by a gift of this refreshing delight on Australia day and just had to here is Simone Scribbles with her awesome Mojito (and check out her blog while you are at it - hilarious !!!)


Make the mint infused sugar syrup by dissolving a cup of water and a cup of sugar on the stovetop.  When it’s dissolved, add about 6 mint leaves and let the mint linger for half an hour or so.  Take out the leaves and put the syrup in the fridge until you make the mojitos.



Put 1-2 ounces of sugar syrup in a glass.  Add about 6-8 mint leaves and stir. 

Fill the glass with crushed ice (it has to be crushed otherwise the mint leaves get to the top and it’s gross).

Add 1-2 ounces of white rum

Add the juice of about half a lime

Top up with soda water

Garnish with a slice of lime.

Tip – to make it seem extra fresh … before you add the slice of lime run a mint leave around the rim of the glass so it smells minty!
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