Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chocolate Fudge Funtime

School holiday's provide the perfect opportunity to get into the kitchen and make some seriously indulgent, hip expanding goodies with the kids......and I have found nothing better to accomplish this than my girlfriend Kerry's AMAZING chocolate fudge recipe !! Try it out for yourself and be tantalized........

500g Chocolate of choice
1 tin of condensed milk
60g Butter

melt all ingredients in in a saucepan stirring continually

Spoon into a lined slice tin and put into fridge until firm and set

** You can add nuts, fruit, choc chips, mint essence...infect anything creative at all to make your own 'house speciality' !! We made rocky road fudge above with fruit, nuts and marshmallows....mmmmmm !!

Oh, and dont forget that this sort of cooking makes terrific homemade christmas gifts, all packaged up beautifully of course! (Or you could buy a plum pudding from my shop !!)

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  1. This is MY recipe! I us this recipe religiously and everyone loves it. Of course I add cherries, mallows, roasted almonds , crumbled peppermint and toffee chunks!!


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