Friday, September 30, 2011

Living in the Australian Bayou's....

This little article was recently published in Melbourne's 'The Age' newspaper. It detailed 6 reasons why a person might want to visit Gunbower - a little town of aprox 200 people near where I live. One of the 6 reasons was Gunbower Island, a most stunning national and state park...the largest inland island in Australia and my childhood backyard. Grandma's Jean's beautiful dairy farm and garden of roses, orchard and deciduous trees backed onto Gunbower Island and I must say it made me nearly burst with pride to see it referred to in the paper as Australia's answer to the Bayous of America !!! As such, I thought I might as well run with the magnificent promotion of my home and share little bits a pieces about life in the Bayous of Australia every now and again......

So, on a rainy, wet footy grand final day, I took a drive to my very favourite road (after stopping at my favourite cafe) in the vicinity of 'the bayou'....Little Forrest Road, Barham. Not strictly Gunbower Island, it is still a part of the redgum lined river country that makes the region so special. There are three major townships that flank the island - Gunbower, Cohuna and Koondrook/Barham - and the regions surrounding them are filled with picturesque farmland, river country and massive strands of river red gums. So, here are some rainy day photographs of my favourite road.... a walk or bike ride down this road is such a peaceful experience with Kookaburra's, parrots, willy wagtail birds, kangaroo's and emus all making a regular appearance, and the eucalypts, orange groves and clover drench the air with a heady smells of blossom and our famous native healing oil. I wish I could impart those things to you via my blog !!! But for now, google some Cajun music in another website page and listen as you take a journey down my favourite road in the Bayou !!!


  1. We camped every Easter at Gunbower, it was the best times ever.

  2. Oh Wow !! Small world huh??? Yes, I think camping on the Island is going to become a very big part of our family lifestyle in the future !!! I think we will be getting tents and sleeping bags etc off Santa this year :o).... and how funny about the fudge recipe !!! Perfect treat to take camping on the island :o)

  3. It's a little spooky by how much we are starting to have in common Kesenya!

  4. Looks like a beautiful place! I love the Australian bush.



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