Monday, December 27, 2010

Lindy Charm School For Girls's on again !!! The Lindy Charm School for Girls is coming to Victoria !! You dont want to miss either of these events - a wonderful chance to make new friends within the vintage cultural scene, to have a girls day out with lots of laughs and fun, and of course, the chance to learn new tips and tricks to create that glamerous, beautiful vintage look you long for !! Planning a hen's outing? Want to celebrate a milestone with your girlfriends? Want to spend some quality time with you Mum/Sister/Best Friend? This is the perfect opportunity !!! Get in early to secure you will be so glad you did !!!

The value of keeping things....

Some people are hoarders, houses piled high with everything from toilet rolls bought on sale 15 years ago to every newspaper from the last 10 years (I have actually heard of someone who did the toilet roll thing !!!!). Others are prolific neat freeks, minimalistic to the core, not keeping anything unless it has served it useful purpose within the last month.

Then there are those who, like me, enjoy keeping certain things as a historic record. People like me, who will treasure something for its sentimental value, but turf things that have worn out, have no provenience or sentimental value, and are not likely contribute to future historic records - like toilet paper !

While having an end of year clean up, I sat down with a couple of old editions of vogue from my early 20's and had a flick through them. I had kept these magazines as I felt they would be excellent historic records of my youth. How surprised was I as I flicked through them, to find vintage cultural inspiration dripping from the pages !! "There is nothing new under the sun" - Bible authority for you ! There, 15 years ago in 1995 were fashion shoots, advertisements, make up and hair that drew from vintage culture in a terrific way. Mind you, I only ever bought vogue when it carried some sort of vintage aspect in its pages!! But none the less, I was really enchanted to see how relevant to my lifestyle those pages still were. I am so glad I kept those magazines !!! I guess in 50 years time I will still enjoy flicking through them and being inspired !!

I thought I would share some of the fashion shoot and advertisements that grabbed me.....I hope you enjoy taking a wander back into the fashion of 15 years ago in the September edition of Vogue 1995.

And some shopping spreads from the same magazine - I am a real sucker for gingham in any form !!

And the advertisements that caught my eye, also from the same mag.  I adore the make up and hair of the brunette in the footwear advertisement.....seeing as my hair is this length at the moment, I think I might try and pull this look off !!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Hugs and Kisses all round !!!

I want to wish all of my regular (and not so regular !!) readers the very best of Christmases this year.
Christmas has always represented a beautiful high point for me, the climax of the year leading into the beginning of a fresh new one. A time with those I love most dearly, a time for expressing love to our treasured ones, a time for 'eating, drinking and being merry'.

Here is Australia, it is a beautiful time weatherwise as well with long, temperate evenings, and sparkling days full of beaches, lakes, swimming and picinicing. A perfect time for vintage dressing, vintage style eating, and lots and lots of Christmas hugs and kisses all round.

May your 2010 Christmas be significant for you in wonderful ways. May you treasure your moments with family, love them and your friends with all your being. May your celeberations be sincerely joyous. And may the love and gratitude in your heart for all that Christmas is to you - faith based or otherwise - fill you with abundant hope for the coming year, love to delight in and peace in your deepest soul.

My Christmas hugs and kisses to you all ! XOXO

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Movie of the month - November 2010 - Cat Ballou

Well, I am running a little behind with my movie review of the month, but here is November's movie, one of my very favourite comedy/westerns, the classic Cat Ballou.

There are a number of reasons why this movie is one of my fav's. The wonderful music of Nat King Cole and Stubby Kaye that pops up throughout the film, the fabulous costuming (Jane Fonda's red dress near the end is utterly stunning !!), the rollicking storyline (so great to have a female heroine - I have always loved that aspect !!), and some captivating performances all round. (This film garnished a best actor Oscar for Lee Marvin in 1966).

Without a doubt, however, the thing that endeared this movie to me more than anything was the sparkling chemistry between Jane Fonda and Michael Callan.

The two youthful actors almost audibly crackle with that 'romantic spark' between them (feigned for the camera or otherwise !).

Now, I confess Jane is a stunning, and perfectly timed comic actress, but the credit of that lively connection surely rests in the twinkling eyes of Michael Callen as the roguish, energetic cattle rustler, Clay Boone.

Michael (below) has the most cheeky, flirtatious, arduous nature in Cat Ballou, brought to life with the lightest and electric physical energy of a dancer (which he is).

(See what I mean by the cheeky expression in his eyes, above, once he catches a glimpse of Jane Fonda's character, Catherine Ballou.)

The other hugely endearing character (at least, to the female audience in my mind !!!) is the adorable 'Uncle Jedd' played to utterly likable perfection by Duane Hickman (below). Constantly getting his love struck nephew (Callen) out of trouble by bluffing his way around as a sometimes inebriated old time Minister peddling religion, Hickman's performance is wonderful. Indeed, I remember watching this movie as a young girl and not being able to make up my mind just who I liked more - the cheeky Clay Boon, or the lovable Uncle Jedd.

But all in all, this classic 1965 movie is one to put on your 'Must watch before I die' list. Tremendous characters, great comic western storyline, perfect musical score, divine costuming, and some enthralling really cant go wrong.

4.5 Choc Tops

Monday, December 6, 2010

Living Dolls - Miss December 2010

Our beautiful Miss December  - let me introduce you to the adorable Vivian Von Dimples !

What does 'vintage' mean to you?

Vintage to me means that one of a kind treasure that had a whole life of it’s own before it’s come into yours.

What was it that first prompted your interest in vintage culture?

When I was younger my mother would take me shopping and she would point out the styles of clothing that would and wouldn’t suit our figure. It took a while of awkward (and often quite embarrassing) outfits till I found my own sense of style that I felt suited my shape and personality but it didn’t take me long at all to find my way into the op-shops to dig out something fun and special for a fraction of the price of things in departments stores. One thing led to another and before I knew it I was wearing tight fitting eighties dresses with huge shoulder pads and peplums.

What is your favourite era, and do you 'live it' every day? In what ways?

As much I adore the fun gaudiness of the 80’s I found out that all the things I loved about it came from eras before. After a brief affair with the 40’s the 50’s stole my heart and since then I haven’t looked back.

My daily outfit consist of a pencil skirt (I don’t enjoy wearing pants), a blouse and/or cardigan or a shirt waisted dress. I try to keep a clear 50’s hourglass silhouette in my every day attire.

Tell us about your favourite item of vintage clothing, kitchenalia, music, furniture or whatever !

My favourite item ever? Gosh, what a hard question. I think it must be my wardrobe. It can’t be any older then 70’s maybe not even that old but I love the chipped white painted wood finish and it’s fancy old fashioned lock and key. But the thing I love most about it is that it keeps all my most precious clothing safe.

Oh, and my bobby socks offcourse.

Can you share with us why vintage culture continues to hold such appeal for you?

The pull to vintage for me is the thrill of the hunt. I love the feeling when you find that perfect dress, 60 years old but fit like it was made for you. When you sachet out of the change room and whoever’s there, whether it’s your best friend or the woman behind the counter, gasp and starts gushing.

Do you have any tips for anyone starting out in the vintage scene?

Start with your base, get a good skirt and a couple of blouses then build up. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to create the aesthetics to achieve that perfect look.

I also believe that it’s important to get the right undergarments. The right undergarments set the frame for a great looking outfit. I love my bustiers, bullet bras and girdles.

Now is your chance to provide us with an overview of who you are and what you do. Tell us as much or as little as you like !!!!

Vivian V. Dimples is a 22 year old second year costume student studding in Perth West Australia. She is known for her adorable dimples, voluptuous curves and a generous pout. Vivian is a budding burlesque star and show stopper.

Finally, what or who inspires you and why?

It’s cliché to say but Marilyn Monroe will always be such a great inspiration to me. Her vulnerability and innocence, in combination with an alluring beauty and sensuality made her a global sensation that will never be seen again.

Quote of the month - December 2010

Happiness is not so much in having as sharing.
 We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.
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