Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ready for the prom fashion

Well, I guess school formal - or prom season in America - is almost upon us, and as I adore trawling the Internet for fashion inspiration, I thought I would share a little prom dress love here..... arnt 50's style prom dresses an adorable excuse for a grown woman to dress as if she is a childlike princess again? And hey, there's nothing wrong with that !!! More excuses to dress up are in order I say !!


  1. I love that first photo! Oh, to be able to wear something like that and get away with it!!

  2. Totally !! We need to organise an event just for an excuse to do so huh? No use sitting around wishing !! Let's create !!!

  3. Wonderful collection of dresses. I think I like all the pink ones the best! I sent you an email in response to your lovely comment on my blog.

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  4. I love prom dresses, I wore one for my wedding quite similar to the blue one in the middle of you first picture but mine was pink!!!
    I must make a post about it one day o share this happy day.

  5. Oh wow oh wow - Laurence, please do a post about your wedding sounds heavenly....makes one almost want to get married again !! and Jaede, I too want a wardrobe full of dresses like could never have too many, regardless of having place to wear them too or not :o) What a heritage to leave behind when gone !!!

  6. So check my blog for my new post about my wedding... and my 50's prom wedding dress!!!!


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