Monday, September 7, 2009

Spring scarf style - perfect for windy spring days !

A wonderful solution to my pet hate - windy spring days that decemate all your hard work infront of the mirror ! This is the 1964 head scarf style (curtesy of the Australian Womens Weekly diary, 1999)

And this is the 1940's early '50s solution ! The do rag !

In the 1930s women wore bandanna-like fabric to fasten their hairstyles in place while they set. In the 1940s the style among women shifted into the workplace where they were taking over factory jobs and needed a safe way to keep their hair out of the machinery.

Note the wonderful soda shop set and cast from Christina Auglera's 'Candy Man' film clip.....a brilliant selection of do-rags !! From my own experience, the best effect is achieved when the fringe is curled either under short, or into defined curls, with gel/mouse/hairspray and a curling iron. Depending on your hair length, at the back hair can be put into a bun or small pony tail fairly high on the head, or left loose. Take a good look at the girls in this picture for inspiration!

Sucks to you windy spring days !

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