Monday, September 21, 2009

Oh, the possibilities in Nagambie !

My husband and I adore the architcture of this wonderful old shop located in Nagambie, Victoria. A beautiful and most picturesque country town, just a short drive (2 hours aprox) from Melbourne, this shop always grabs our attention whenever we drive through or visit. The stuff of dreams - wouldn't it make a darling vintage restaurant/cafe/diner? Or a fabulous vintage cultural centre? Swing Dance Studio? Car Museum? Classic vintage wares shop? Or all of the above ! Our imaginations always run wild when we see it..........


  1. That is such a beautiful building - what is its current purpose? I can't quite make out what's behind the windows.

  2. Hi there - yes, the light was right behind the building when we took that photo, it's not a very good one....the store is actually a hardware shop and the windows are full of bits and pieces of motoring, lawnmower and building paraphenalia ! It is such a lovely building, I would love to see it used for something more akin to it's era....but then, it may have always been a hardware shop - I have never stoped to ask!!! Maybe I should !! Love to you and yours XXOO

  3. Let us know if you do ever ask them. It would've made a brilliant coffee shop/diner type place. The sign looks as if it may have been some kind of theatre but the building itself doesn't look tall enough.


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