Monday, September 21, 2009

The divine Mill Markets !

Ooooooohhhhh how I adore this shop !! If you LOVE vintage, I wont take no for an answer - you simply MUST check out at least one of their warehouses ! At the moment there are 4 - Geelong, Daylesford, Ballarat and Warnambool - full to the brim with everything you could possibly want in the realm of vintage. Hats, shoes, gloves, clothes, jewelry, furniture, curios, toys, art, kitchenwear, mirrors, china, linen, I could go on and on and on !! But one of the best things about Mill Markets is their in house cafe's - I have never tasted such delicious chai late's in my life ! AND, the Geelong store also has a fabulous toy area for the kiddies - including a retro 'shoping centre' ride that runs without having to insert a dime (cent for all you Aussies!) ! My three littlies had the time of their lives in "Mummies special store" !

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