Friday, September 4, 2009

Movie Club for September and October

After a wonderful night watching "The African Queen" (what a classic adventure/romance!) we have elected to watch two modern ventures back into the early 20th century at our September and October get togethers. As yet we dont know which of the following two movies will be playing in which month (depends on the postal service !!) but the movies are:

The Majestic

Starring Jim Carry (dont think Ace Ventura - this is one of his excellent serious roles), Martin Landau and the lovely Laurie Holden. This is an award winning movie set in the early 1950's and dealing with issues of cold war blacklisting, identity and belonging. A beautiful story with some wonderful 1950's imagery and details.

Tucker - the man and his dream

Starring Jeff Bridges and directed by Francis Ford Coppola, this is the true story of an amazing man and his beautiful and 'before its time' creation, a innovative car. Gaurented to get your blood boiling, and also provide a visual feast for your eyes, this thrice oscar nominated movie is a must for any car enthusiast !

Dates for these movies are:

September 17 th

October 15th

Please contact me through this blogg for further details if you wish to join us - we would love to have you there !!

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