Monday, September 7, 2009

Babies ! Choosing babies sex.....

OK, there is no delicate way to approach this. Babies. I have been asked so many times to explain what we did to have a baby girl after two boys, that I thought I would post this info online to refer people too ! This is defiantly not 1950's material, but it kind of fits the whole 'home-maker' career thing I guess.

My mother was apparently able to choose the sex of her last baby using this method, as were two of my close girlfriends, and I myself would swear that it worked for us....however, I want to stress that this is NOT a foolproof method. DO NOT rush to your singer sewing machine and start whipping up pink or blue garments for baby ! If anything, this method is purely to increase the odds in favour of what you want....but that's just it, they are still odds, and the X or Y chromisome on which you place your bet may still come in a poor second. However, it certainly does no harm to try your darnedest does it !!!!!

First thing's first

The first thing is girls, you need to be pretty regular in your cycle. And you need to spend a couple of months working out the days you are fertile. It all depends on this. (My apologies to any truly 1950's minded people who will baulk at talking about personal stuff like this !!!) One idea is to mark on the calendar the first day of your period and the last day of your period. You can then add up how many days your period goes for and how many days you are period free (woo hoo!!). If you don't run quite like clockwork, simply work out your average. Do this for about 4-5 months....this should give you a pretty good idea. Then go to a good ovulation calculator (there are plenty online)....this is a good one

Once you have the calendar with your fertile days marked on it, you are all goes !!


The male chromosome swims fast (just look at toddler boys and this will all make sense !!!). Female chromosomes carry more genetic material (apparently, - I am no Doctor or scientist !!) so they are heavier and therefore swim slower, however, they live alot longer - just look in nursing homes at the male female ratio and you will see this carry's into life as well !!

The theory to get a boy...

Your egg is usually released towards the end of the fertility phase on your calendar. So, to 'get' a boy, you need more male sperm there ready and waiting for the egg. As the male sperm swim faster, but die quicker, you will want to have sex on every day of your fertile phase...that gives those little fellas more chance to get there first when ever the egg arrives ! Now, I would not have sex 10 times a day or anything ('darn!!!' say's hubby) as I have read that the more times you have sex in a short space of time, the less male chromosomes are produced. Dont know how true that is, but it is worth keeping in mind just the same ! Once, or maybe twice a day if you're real keen, should be plenty!

The theory to get a girl......

As your egg is usually released towards the end of the fertility phase on your calendar, and female chromosomes live longer (but swim slower), you only need to have sex once ('oh DAMN!!!' says hubby). You will want to have sex at the beginning of your fertility phase so that all those little male sperm have spent themselves by the time the egg arrives, and the slow and steady female sperm get the prize !

That's the theory - it is that straightforward. At your fertility time, lots of sex for a boy, sex once for a girl. Of course this is all on the assumption that fertility issues are not a problem for you and your partner.

Some other 'tid-bits'.....

There are a couple of old wives tales that you may like to throw into the mix if you want....

1. To get a girl, men should 'use a hair-dryer on themselves' before sex as male sperm do not like high temperatures. (Insert grin here at the visual image this one creates !!!)

2. To get a boy, women should eat plenty of high potassium foods - bananas, peanut butter etc - as this creates an environment helpful to male sperm. Obviously, cut out the potassium if it's a girl you want !

3. There are some theory's as to position during sex, but I didn't find these helpful as they more often than not contradicted each other. Position - who cares ! Just enjoy it !

Now that all that has been said, best of luck to you if you are trying ! And PLEASE contact me via this blog to let me know if you have success with this theory or not - it would be interesting to know ! God bless you and your future families!


  1. Don't forget that Fertility Friend is also your best friend!

    But for your theory, I can not help, my darling son #1 and daughter were both conceived with the same charting method, essentially every day was a good day (insert chuckle here) over the fertility phase, and who doesn't anxiously await an LH surge, temp drop as oestrogen wanes and progesterone kicks in! Then there is the count of the LP phase, and you know your heading for a good result when you see that implantation dip (I love knowing the exact date that each of my babes snuggled down for their inutero journey) and your chart go triphasic :) Most of us pray that our temps stay above the cover-line anyway!

    Our darling girl was though assisted via fertility naturopathics, I was asked would we like a girl or boy when my concoction was made :) Alkaline favours girls and acidic is often male dominant. She was conceived the month before we headed off to the specialist for IVF advice!

    Having trouble conceiving? do test your zinc levels with a zinc tally (and get your darling husband or partner on it too!)

    But based on your theory, darling son #2 should have been a girl, immaculately conceived about 4 days before O, but he was to be our little son, having visited in a dream before he implanted! That was just a sign :)

    Blessings to whatever is given, and may all that be on the journey flourish with life .. but its' all good fun!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your story Mel ! To quote Anne of Green Gables (the film, not the book)"Babies are never common - each one is a miracle". I too am very, very thankful for my three little walking miracles every day - although some days I am more thankful than others !!!!

  3. Well your article gave me a few chuckles, Kesenya. You might also like to think about improving the wifes chances of receiving the female sperm by immediately after having sex, the wife should stand on her head (against a wall, or the corner of the room is best) for about 2 hours. That way the female sperm have an easier swim downhill.


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