Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What is your density....I mean, your destiny.......

24 years ago I watched Back to the Future for the first time at a grade 5 sleep over party, and my life hasnt been the same since. I mean, Dad had/has the BEST 50's record collection to grow up listening too (and great taste in music too I must add), and I LOVED Happy Days and classic matinees as a very young girl. And lets not forget I adored my Grandmothers....but....... nothing catapulted me into 50's love like Back to the Future.....I could go on and on with how it influenced me, but I wont bore you to your eyeballs with all the gory details.

However, I DO want to share with you how much BTTF helped me appreciate and adore the whole semi geek look, as classically portrayed by Crispen Glover, aka George McFly. I recently posted on Facebook how much I love George McFly, but I dont think anyone really got it (insert smilie face here). Think about it gals, shy, talented, misunderstood guy overcomes his fears, braves his 'arch nemisis' and 'lays him out' to help a gal in, what is not to love about that ???????? What a legend !!! Doesn't every gal like to think she is worth fighting for????? Yes George McFly, you are a hero in my books, and therefor I am a humble adorer of the whole semi-cool-geeky look thanks to you. Nowdays 50s/60's glasses make me go weak at the knees, because long before George McFly wore them, Buddy Holly sported them first.......

So, crazy as it may seem to some, I would take a guy with 50's style glasses over some man power, Jamie Durie style bloke any day of the week thankyou very much. And George, I am happy for you to be my density or destiny anyday !!!

And here are some more, what some might call, preppy-geek-glasses look guys for anyone like me with a 'thing' for this !!!  If you want to share more of this look here....please-oh-please be my guest !!!


  1. The 1950s/60s nerd glasses make me swoon too! I recently melted for a local musician who does 60s style R&B. He also has the Buddy Holly glasses (of course the slim fitting 60s suit just added to my heart palpitations). :) I wasn't the only one either. There were lots of girls screaming their heads off. Add slicked back hair and a fedora? I instantly turn to goo! Check out my crush - Nick Waterhouse. :)

  2. I totally agree. I recently posted on FB
    WANTED: The NICE Guy. Gainfully employed, can take care of himself/isn't a mooch (ie: isn't looking for me to support him financially), isn't a mama's boy, isn't a train wreck (ie: I'm not going to fix you), doesn't cheat, is honest, caring but can handle himself if "shit pops off", has a sense of humor, isn't socially inept, is a man's man not a pussy (I know there's more but I figured I'd start with that).

    Honestly I have a thing for glasses and the nice guys out there. They are just hard to find. :(


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