Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Paul Bangay Open Garden....

A couple of weekends ago I had the honour of attending the open garden of Paul Bangay's amazing home "Stonefields " near Woodend in Victoria ..... I was totally inspired (as was to be expected) by the caliber of his design and the beauty of the garden, I simply had to share the stunning images with you.......

I do love open gardens as they provide a chance to glean ideas and be inspired,  it is so interesting to observe how traditional plants can be melded into either funky contemporary designs or used in a classical manner, or even in a combo of both. Open gardens are also such a divine chance to frock up and enjoy tea and scones in heavenly surrounds.....and who wouldnt be keen on a little of that !!!


  1. It's so tidy and organised and neat. I love how ordered the veggie patch is :-)

  2. Did you make it to Musk farm Kesenya? I'd love to see any photos of that garden. Another breathtaking beautiful garden!!


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