Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Awesome atomic art !


Oh wow - I have just discovered the most fantastic, wonderful atomic artist out and I am sooooo excited I simply had to share all about her with you. Isnt her work 'totally groovy' or 'atomicly cool' or 'absalout hipsville'? Check out these wonderful works, and most importantly, her website - and dont forget to tell her how much you love her style !! Affirmation of others is a vital component of being a glamorous 50's gal, somthing that beautiful Crystal (aka El Gato Gomez) is herself !!!

El Gato Gomez is a professional artist and designer with a mad passion for mid century style and culture. Her works are inspired by her ongoing obsession with the look and feel of this enchanting era. Iconic pop culture imagery like robots and rockets, pin-up girls, tikis, and wild beehive hairdos find a place in works inspired by the elegant and often outrageous artwork and graphic design of the period.


  1. Oh, it is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. I don't know El Gato Gomez, but I do adore Shag.

  2. I have several El Gato Gomez pieces. Her work is outstanding. She's absolutely one of my favorite artists, and she's prolific as can be, always exploring different ideas.


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