Wednesday, November 9, 2011

For those who dont sew.......a discount on vintage style dressing.....

I LOVE to sew.....can i repeat that once again? - I LOVE to sew!! For me it is soooo very satisfying to bring together something beautiful out of a sheet of fabric. The creativity of wandering into a fabric store or stumbling across a darling length of pretty pattern in an op shop, and instantly seeing what it could become in my head. The leisurely joy of taking a quiet Saturday afternoon, putting on some music, pouring a cup of earl grey (or two or three!!) and setting about to transform the ordinary into the beautiful. Like I said before, ahhh, satisfying ! At least for the creative person that is me.....

I frequently come across people who lament that they cannot sew, who wish they could acquire a distinctive wardrobe with a vintage touch, but they have never had the opportunity to learn, and now find that they dont have the time. I totally get that too....... some are academics, some are sporty types and some are creatives etc.....not everyone is able to find joy in creating. For my friends who are fulfilling their particular role in the world that does not lean towards sewing your own , let me tell you about one particular dress company that does a mighty fine job of providing beautiful vintage-esque garments.

Below are some of my favourite images from the Shabby Apple website...and arnt they lovely and inspiring?

 I am also a big fan of the fact that Shabby Apple functions with this attitude of service....

"Because serving women and families is a core value at Shabby Apple, we devote a certain percentage of our net proceeds to charitable causes serving women and children."

The needs of women and children around the world are a big motivation in my own life - so I totally identify with that !! And, oh my goodness, check out their wonderful 'Emerging Designers Program' !! Awesome !!!

Now, usually I am a BIG promoter of buying local products by local artists and designers, but I am also dedicated to uplifting the beautiful things in life that make this world a more glorious, pure, delightful and joyous place to be....and Shabby Apple garments fit that bill !! So, for those of you who dont sew your own, Shabby Apple and Alice Jean's can offer you a 10% discount on your Shabby Apple purchases. Simply use this coupon code when you order alicejeans10off  and just be aware that this wonderful offer expires on December 8th 2011 - so get your Christmas shopping done early !!

How totally delightful - and I tingle at the thought that I am partnering with a company that encourages and provides opportunities for the creative people in our world !!! You go guys !!!

Ok, so now we can all look like Audrey, Grace, Katherine or Jackie....... oh clap hands !!
Beauty is so joyous !!!!


  1. Thanks for the intro, I am LOVING Shabby Apple.

  2. I love to sew too, but if you can't sew you can shop. Shabby Apple has some lovely clothes thank you for this great find. I have some friends that will love this.


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