Monday, November 28, 2011

Great Venues - The Luwow

 Wow, oh wow, oh wow.......I have just been to The Luwow bar in Johnson Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne and it was wonderful !! I had the great privilege of being able to attend a sensational 40th birthday bash for Jamie of Press-tone records last night at this happening place - and was thoroughly honoured to be able to be there - but I just wanted to encourage anyone who is visiting or living in Melbs to check out this south pacific paradise style tiki bar....the cocktails are to die for, the decor is eccentrically tiki (which equals totally awesome in my books), and the music is killer. After all, when one walks in the door and 'Stranded in the Jungle" by the Cadets is playing, lets face it, your not going to walk out in a hurry !!!! So here are a couple of picks of my best friend Brooke, darling pal Carola and I enjoying cocktails, atmosphere, and inspirational company at the Luwow Bar..... oh, and keep your ear to the ground, I understand that Thursday nights at the Luwow next year are not to be missed (but more on that later perhaps !!!)

Happy Birthday Jamie pictured here with his amazing cake!

Thanks to Brooke Orchard and Chrissie MacGill for the photos above.

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  1. Hot damn it does look amazing inside! I've only ever seen the doors (I walk past them every day on my way to work) and am determined to visit sooner rather than later! Have you seen the burlesque bar on the same street?


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