Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sydney Fifties Fair 2012 - Rose Seidler House

Well, here we are at wonderful Rose Seidler House, all dolled up and looking glamorous for the 2012 Sydney Fifties Fair. Brooke looking as much like Marilyn as ever, and me in my Jackie Kennedy-Audrey Hepburn inspired outfit.

Enjoying the afternoon sun with Bonnie Rose, Miss Chrissy, and Brooke Orchard
Georgio Rimi and Robyn Hayes - always picture perfect !

Evening wear fashion parade
This event is one of my very favourites on the vintage event calendar, mainly because it is all about the fashion, the decor and architecture, and mostly, for catching up with my Sydney friends whom I sometimes don't get to see for a whole year in between.

Everything 50's from sensational skirts to cowboys

Happy 10th wedding anniversary Paul and Gill !
It is so easy to find a perch and just enjoy the passing parade of colour and music and face wide smiles, and with this years weather a delightful 20degrees, the Fair could not have been more spring perfect.
Linpin Jimmy and Swingin Kitten infront of the iconic modernist house
Entertainment from the much adored Rechords, Scotty Baker, Limpin Jimmy and the Swingin Kitten, and fashion parades from the always stunningly dressed Pia Andersen had the crowd hanging around right until closing time - I was loath to tootle off to catch my plane home to Melbourne.

Loving the wonderful 50's mobile phone ! And Rosalie Benyon rocking Mexican 50's chic !
This years fair, in my humble opinion, was much better than other years I have been - and not just because the weather was kind ! Numbers were limited, so I wasn't about to freak out from agoraphobia and the heritage listed house and grounds were somewhat protected. It was easy to navigate events, house, activities and friendly catch ups, and the vast majority of patrons were passionate 50's lovers and dressed accordingly. So heavenly to be a part of a 2000-3000 strong crowd all dressed in vintage style ! Market stalls were also limited this year, and I did wonder how I could enjoy that aspect being culled, but it worked a treat really...all stalls were required to be authentic vintage and not reproduction, and I must say, I found that very refreshing - not that I have anything against repro stuff, but it was just fantastic to have a social event where everything - fashions, activities and stalls - were pure and original, as I am not aware of any other such event in let me know if I am missing anything !

Miss Chrissy and best dressed lady award winner, Kitty Van Horne
So all in all, I will be locking the Sydney Fifties Fair 2013 on my calendar - this event is definatly a hit with me....and now, off to plan my outfit !!!!

My main squeeze, Craig, and I with my oh so 50's waterbottle !
End of the day and we are all shopped out !!! Till next year then !
Thankyou to Brooke Orchard, Robyn Hayes, Louise Wheelan and The Swingin Kitten for the use of their beautiful images taken on the day.


  1. Oh, soooo gorgeous Sen and I'm sooooo jealous! Maybe next year for me. So great to see your photos.

  2. Yes next year for me too, maybe. Glad the weather was fine - and you all look so good.....can't wait to see that house in real life. Oh, and those sunglasses......xxxx


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