Saturday, September 1, 2012

A painting for Paul and Gill...

I was so surprised a couple of months back to receive an email from my friend Paul asking if I would paint a portrait of he and his wife Gill for their upcoming 10th wedding anniversary. I was quite flabbergasted actually, as, although I did art in year 12, it has been a long time since then, and I had only gotten back 'into it' with 2 artworks in recent times...... nothing daunted and highly flattered, I said yes and began to brainstorm layout ideas.....

 (pre the inclusion of sideburns on Paul !)
Skip ahead two months and here is the final result - a 60's cartoonish style portrait in greens and oranges that was presented to Gill as a surprise at the recent Sydney 50's Fair. From this very humble artist, I just want to thank Paul for this opportunity, and to say happy anniversary from Alice Jean's....doing this portrait was a delight and an honour, may you know many many more years of 'wedded bliss' !


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