Sunday, August 26, 2012

School Formal....

My precious niece Ciel recently enjoyed her school formal dance....and didnt she look wonderful!!!
Ciel has a bit of a thing for the 50's look, so with her formal coming up she put together a design for a dress that would reflect that....a trip with Aunty Sen (me) to Spotlight for some fabric, and a week of sewing, pattern adapting, tucking, unpicking and sewing again by Aunty Sen (me) gave us this beautiful result. A red dotted netting over a white 'slip' with red satin waist. Sun ray detailing in the strapless bodice, and a full tulle petticoat made of the same red netting and trimmed with white ribbon.

Looking a million dollars in her 50's inspired party frock....but then, Ciel would look a million dollars in a hessian sack !!! You rock girlfriend !!!



  1. Oh, oh, oh - she looks awesome. I hope she had a great night.

  2. Well done with the dress - so pretty, and killer shoes too! Oh to be young again!


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