Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Brooke Orchard Photography.....your ultimate pin up shot stop!

Fellow Vintage Lovers....I want to tell you all about the ultimate pin up and fashion photographer currently working in Melbourne. A woman with a passion for not only creating that authentic vintage look in print, but also with a passion for living the authentic vintage look in real life too..... The ever beautiful - inside and out - Ms Brooke Orchard........


Can you tell us about you and your photography business?

About me, well I like original, I like meaning, I like real, I like deep, I am a dreamer and I simply love creating beautiful images!!

Apart from my vintage inspired art I also like to photograph children, I love history so I often do children’s theme shoots that have a historical or fairytale element to them. People’s personalities, uniqueness and their individual journeys are of great fascination to me which I guess accounts for my passion for portrait photography. Whether I am shooting a beauty portrait or a real life character study, the element I’m seeking is always the same….feeling….mood….emotion & connection, it’s that small window of time the eye of the subject can convey to me something from deep within….capturing this is a real thrill! It’s the number one ingredient for a great portrait.

"My aspiration as a photographer is to create images that have strong visual impact, but they must also have soul!"
Brooke Orchard
Where are you based, and where do you travel to?

I am based in Point Cook and although I do often work from home I consider my studio to be anywhere really! Anywhere that I can achieve the quality of light I’m looking for dependent on the project at hand too of course. I’ll often shoot on location or at a client’s home!
I am happy to travel taking all things into consideration.

When did you start offering vintage photo shoot, and what was your inspiration behind doing so?
I originally started shooting vintage whilst studying photography, it was during this time that I got the notion to combine my love of imagery & vintage fashion and this was the content of most of my folios during that 4 years after which I graduated top of my class

My inspiration for ‘Vintage Fashion’ was born out of old movies, as a girl I would watch movies spanning from the 1930s- 60s. I absolutely fell in love with the way the women looked, so elegant, classy & feminine not to mention stylish! The 1950s silhouette I found particularly appealing, who could go past those hourglass curves? The look for me holds such a wonderful combination of contrasting qualities, it is both soft & feminine yet strong & striking at the same time then you have this delightful concoction of alluring sensuality softened by innocence & vulnerability ……. sweetly tempting!!
However it is only recently that I decided to offer this as part of my service to clients, for some reason I always regarded it as my personal work but people seem to love it so much so why not offer it?

"Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art"
Ralph Waldo Emerson

You offer packages which include hair & make-up, do you prepare your clients hair and  make-up yourself?I have hair/make-up stylists that I use for this although I sometimes help out with the make-up! I also work with The Lindy Charm School for Girls on occassion and can collaborate with the Misstresses on a session when they are in town.... (Melbourne)

Let me encourage my readers, if you are in the market for a shoot for yourself, a modeling folio, a gift for a loved one, or simply to feel good about yourself, then Brooke's multi National award winning service is for you, give her a call and you will most certainly be glad you did !

Brooke can be contacted via the details on her business facebook page:

Brooke Orchard Photography


  1. Thank you for the tip. I wasted $500 on an inexperienced "pin up photographer". I was so disappointed I cried. Brooke's work looks AMAZING, AMAZING.

    1. Oh Miss T, how very very frustrating for you....I honestly cant imagine a worse "disapointing spend" scenario....dreadful dreadful dreadful


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