Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Vintage Apron Pattern

Dont you just adore pretty aprons? If there was ever an item of apparel that screams mid century domestica, it is the humble household apron. Used for practical purposes or dolled up in chiffon and ribbons for a glamerous hostess, the apron served more functions than simple clothing coverage and protection..... aprons handled hot pots and pans, dried tears, wiped grubby faces, dusted furntiure, provided a hiding place for shy children....it's pockets held goodies and handkerchiefs, lost buttons and treats.....there was alot of love wrapped up in a little square of material !

My most wonderful apron memory is that of my Nanna. She always wore a faboulous pink, black and white apron with The Beatles caricatures printed acorss the front. The most enchanting element of that apron however, was the fact that it had been bought as a bit of a joke gift for Nanna from her two sons.....Nanna detested The Beatles and couldnt stand their music (unlike me !!), but her sons bought her the 1964 Beatles tour apron as a cheeky Christmas gift.....and she wore it all the time !! What a wonderful sense of humour she had! I treasure this story my Nanna told me, so much so that I simply had to track down my own Beatles apron in her memory......it is aqua-green, black and white, but otherwise, the exact same apron - one which I was delighted to find on UK ebay !

Posted below is a pretty little apron pattern that I found in a bundle of old books I was given.....it looks simple and quick to make - everyone should have a pretty little apron to wear ! However, if apron making is simply not your thing, then why not purchase a darling little peice from Glamourettes - they have the cutest little selection of vintage style aprons around - do take a peek at their wares !!!

Lovely !

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