Sunday, March 28, 2010

Best ever setting lotion....

Now, it is obvious by reading my blogg that I am not one to promote products just for the heck of it.......infact the only time I think I have done a post about a product was to road test various red nail polishes. However, I simply have to tell you what a difference dying my hair blonde and using the Lindy Charm School for Girls setting lotion has made to my ability to create a vintage look hairstyle. Firstly, being blonde has enabled me to use much less product in my hair as the style I create holds so much better....when I was brunette it used to slip out unless I plied it with handfuls of the strongest hold gel etc etc etc. Now that the bleach has done its wonderous thing, I simply wash my hair once a week and set it with my favourite setting lotion. I pop in hot rollers and when the lotion is dry and the rollers have cooled I remove them and brush out the curl to whatever look I desire for the day. A squirt of hairspray and its done !! Simple ! The best bit is that for the rest of the week I dont have to put anything more than hot rollers in my hair to acheieve a great look.....

So  if you are chasing that glamerous 40's or 50's pin up look, you simply must get yourself a bottle of the Lindy Charm School for Girls Essential Setting Lotion - it's a dream !


  1. Looks interesting. I wonder if they ship to the States?

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  2. Oh goody I am going to get this for sure. I am on the hunt for a fab setting lotion. Thanks!!

  3. I can vouch for how fantastic this is. I need only set my hair once a week with this magic stuff!

  4. This setting lotion has changed my life! Just attended The Lindy Charm School. wonderful.

  5. what does the setting lotion smell like?

    1. Hi there - it has a fresh, slightly fruity smell, but it is deffinatly not overpowering or anything. Cheers.

  6. Yes, even with my mostly undyed fine red hair, I find this setting lotion quite effective.

    For anybody in the Newcastle area, Miskonduct Klothing stock it. :)


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