Sunday, February 21, 2010

The blonde deed is done.......

Me at a friends wedding in December......

Me as of Saturday !!

An enormous thankyou to everyone who encouraged me to go blonde for the first time ever....and an especially big thankyou to my dear friends Brookie and Rees for their help and enthusiasm in turning me into a 50's bombshell ( that was the aim anyhow !!) I love my new do to are the first blows my mind that that is me in the photos !!!!

All photos thanks to the ever lovely Brookie - check out her website!!


  1. O, oh oh, I have to ring you!!!!! You look amazing Sen. I thought you must have decided not to try it. What does hubby think of his new woman?

  2. Love the blonde - it looks terrific!

  3. Wow wee!! You look stunning I must say.

  4. looks great, I bet you feel like a new woman!!

    Cherie xx

  5. So wonderful!
    I've been thinking about going blonde for a while now, but as a brunette, am worried about the upkeep. Let me know how it goes!
    Also, I've just started a personal blog, separate from my food blog. I've added your link to the side.

  6. Love it! Once you go blonde you'll never go back! <3

  7. You look stunning as a brunette and blonde! Hee, hee, the upkeep is going to be time consuming but think of how the grey hairs will now be covered! I am going to go a little lighter but not blonde again as I was very blonde for so many years and too lazy to keep doing the roots! But a wonderful success for you! xx

  8. Wow, you look amazing as a blonde! Your hair is so pale it almost melts into your skin. I love the hairstyle too, hope you are enjoying your new look!

  9. gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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