Thursday, March 25, 2010

Here comes Wintersun !!!

Not many sleeps now !! Wintersun is coming on the long weekend in June ! If you have never been to this most amazing of nostalgia festivals, be sure and get yourself there !! Here are some of the great events goin' down in 2010..........

How adorable is this !! A wonderful addition to the festival Chrissy !

(Make sure you check out all the beautiful models - female and male -showcasing vintage bathers in all their glory!)

You cant beat professional vintage hair and make up at the ultimate place to wear it !

The line up of bands and musical entertainment will be utterly fantastic with artists such as:

and even yours truely will be making a bit of a songstress appearance !

Whatever you do, dont miss Wintersun's going to be just wonderful !


  1. i know what you mean. I already ahve my flights booked and I'm starting to get my outfits ready.

    See you there

  2. My brother goes to Wintersun - and loves it! (cruises down there in his Ford Twin spinner) He keeps trying to talk me into going (...but I will so need something to wear!).


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