Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vintage Childrens Dresses

Wernt little girls always dressed adorably in the 1950's (at least for photographic sessions anyhow !!!) ? Here is a charming little family photo that I simply had to share....this is my Aunty Rhonda, and isnt she - and the little blue dress - simply exquisit ! I remember playing dress up's in that little dress as a girl myself ! That little blue dress, and a couple of others very similar, still exist and have been very well cared for by my Aunties and my Mother.....I will post more photographs of them in the coming weeks. Below is another wonderful photograph, this time of my pretty mother in another darling 1950's 'sunday best' dress. The picture is in black and white, but the dress was my favorite shade of green with cream lace.

My Grandmother Jean was a beautiful seamstress, and made most of her families clothes on an old treadle singer sewing machine....these two precious little outfits are just a sample of her work. More to come in the next few weeks - stay tuned !


  1. They are adorable! My mother has an old hand coloured print of my sister and myself in pink dresses very similar. I wish I could get my hands on it to Blog it but she wouldn't part with it! Your Grandmother passed her talent onto you I think! xx

  2. Thankyou Darling - These pictures are actually photographs of the original photographs which are still with my Aunt and Mum. They wouldnt part with theirs either, but I am so glad the old photographs as well as the dresses and a number of other items from their childhoods are being treasured and cared for ! So lovely to hear from you too - hope you have a delightful weekend ! XO

  3. Came upon your site from Julie's Provincial and love it. I can remember when all little girls wore dresses, and how excited we were getting new dresses for school. I will be back, as I love making little girls dresses although mine are grown now.
    carole ann
    Phila,PA USA

  4. Hello Carol Ann - a pleasure to meet you, and I am so glad you enjoy my blog - I am afraid I am becoming a bit addicted to creating posts and reading other peoples blogs myself these days, so I am looking forward to chatting more in the future! much love, Kesenya XO


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