Friday, October 2, 2009

Garden Design - renovation of a 1959 garden

We have been in our little 1959 cement brick 'cottage' for aprox. 3 years now and have done so much work to make it comfortable, to 2009 standards, without comprimising the feel and look of 1959. From the street our home still wears it's 1959 smile, but the severely neglected garden (consisting of a lawn alone !!!) now boasts healthy old fashioned plants like wisteria, rosemary, hibiscus (rose of sharon), catmint, geraniums and agapanthas - all of which are well suited to our extreemly dry, hot medeterranian like climate. I wanted to share the progress visually too, and you can see the conditions we have worked with as we extended the rear of our home and worked a drought tolorant, old fashioned garden into the overall scheme. Our backyard consisted of a very sickly apricot and two peach trees, some hardy nandina, and a small japonica bush. The apricot tree did not survive the 10 year drought (much to my disapointment), but the two peach trees have come back wonderfully and have rewarded us with fantastic crops the past two summers. You can see the fruitian of my garden design for our backyard shown below - I have to say I am more than a little proud, considering we had $0 budget and all the plants were grown from cuttings from friends, the path was constructed from our remnent bricks and all this was done under severe water ristrictions, not to mention two weeks in a row of 45 degrees last summer....I supose it proves that it is possible to have a lovely garden in the face of climatic change, water restrictions and limited finances !! Hurray for places of peace and tranquility !

How ghastly is a house in progress ?!!! These are quite obviously the before and 'in progress' shots !!! You can see all my cuttings growing in pots around the hot water service !! These photographs all show the eastern side of our 1/4 acre block
The rough watercolour sketch I drew for our backyard. The side shown in the photographs is the eastern side with the long, thin, 'snake like' cottage path winding through garden beds to the lawn

And what a beautiful difference two years makes !!! The same view as the earlier photographs (although the house is now screened by foliage). Just a small plug...Eden Design is happy to help you turn your garden into a haven with advice and water colour plans such as these. Feel free to contact me through this site if you wish. My pricelist and service details are listed under the label "Garden Design Service" - sorry for the blatent self promotion there !!! Note the darling little bubby - also a proud and beautiful achievement of the last two years !!!


  1. That is a really beautiful back garden, and a real achievement in your climate! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and becoming a follower - and for your lovely comment, I do appreciate it.

    Pomona x

  2. That's amazing! I love how you have incorporated a vintage look into your garden, it must have been hard work, but is well worth it!

    You have a very inspiring blog, I'm now a follower :)

  3. Thankyou certianly is lovely to be able to sit back now with a cup or Earl Grey and enjoy it instead of reaching for the shovel !! Looking forward to the first rose blooms in October ! Happy Spring (in the Sth Hemisphere anyhow!)

  4. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! I must say i'm very jealous of your garden its so pretty and homely, and the pastel shades are perfection! I can't wait for the day to have my own garden - so many ideas already! Its amazing how much a garden adds to a house, it certainly completes it, and you definitely have the weather to enjoy it! xx

  5. Garden Design - renovation of a 1959 garden

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. This is absolutely fabulous! You have done such a great job and it shows. Well done and I'm sure you'll make some great memories in that beautiful garden.


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