Saturday, October 10, 2009

Making Making Making

For the past week I have been quite possessed by the making bug. Maybe it is springtime, maybe it is simply the mood I am in, but I have literally been driven to make anything I can of an artistic, crafty nature. I began by sewing some lovely little childrens dresses with the intention of putting them up for sale at markets with my lovely friend Julie, of Julies Provincial Patch ( Unfortunatly for my selling capacity, my little 18 month old missy has her eye on all three dresses and has been demanding to wear them (she is quite the fashionista already!).....looks like I will be making more in the weeks to come !!!

I then moved my creative expression to artistic canvases, and made up some simply delightful name plates for friends who have recently had babies, as well as my own precious little ones. I was particularly chuffed at the little denim pocket design - perfect for me to 'post' little love notes to my boys ! I was also excited to see a segment on ABC's 'Collectors' show about an artist who collects vintage items and re-creates them into works of art......that's what I am doing with my canvases. Vintage pieces of fabric, buttons, golden book images, font styles, ribbons and trims all form these lovely little contemporary art pieces for children......and I am particularly delighted to see that little boys can have something made especially for them as well - they ofton miss out in the world of home crafted dresses !


  1. Gorgeous little dresses Sen. Love the pics too. I can't pick the one I like best.
    I love the canvas' too, they look very professional. How did you do the lettering?

  2. Love ALL your CREATIVITY!!! Can you send me some SEWJO??? I seem to be tired and lacking right now! lol

  3. Oh Mel - it comes in fits and spurts doesnt it ! I'm a bit over it for the moment too......need to spend some time with my family - they have suffered from Mummies creativity obsession over the last week.....although Darcy has enjoyed painting alongside me !

    Jules - I'll give you the low down on the lettering when we next catch up, but let me say I highly recomend fontdiner for some wonderful vintage fonts - once again in my links list. Brilliant stuff - gives anything you do that professional touch.

    Love to you both!

  4. Love it all , dresses and plaques !

  5. Those dresses are so adorable, I can see why your daughter has her eye on them for herself. I would too ;)
    And such cute name plaques too, you're really talented.

  6. The dresses are beautiful! I think my favorite is the toille pattern - absolutely adore it!

  7. WOW WOW WOW You are so talented!! Are you going to open an Etsy store or sell these fab creations? Let me know if you do! I love those name plaques and divine dresses! xx


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