Monday, October 26, 2009

My green things

I adore all things green - as you will see from these photographs. Things need not be in 'mint' condition, just so long as they are beautiful enough to grab my attention, and that certian colour of green that I just love - usually pastel, sage '1950's' green. It is a delight to share my small collection with you....

Poor old green phone ! It smashed in an accident where my whole sewing table (a home made 1950's cabinet) collapsed. We have managed to peice it back together, but it will never look as good as it did....however it still works a treat !!!

Can anyone give me some details on the clock in the picture? I have not been able to find out anything about the company, or this item and would love to know more !

My Nanna Alice had a number of depression glass peices, but being a child at the time, I did not appreciate their great beauty and let them slip through my fingers. As such, I am keen to get my hands on some in her memory - that will be my next treasure hunt.

Hubby is also importing a sage green 1950 Buick from America at the moment, which will tow our sage green caravan (under restoration).....then all we will need will be a sage green house and our collection will be complete - or will it??!!!! (Are they ever ?!!!)


  1. I love your collection. Can't wait to see the car and caravan together too.

  2. Love the collection too! Especially the first photo, it's divine!

    Do stop by at my blog for a retro giveaway :)


  3. Lovely collection, especially the old phone! I only dream of owning an phone like that one day! xx

  4. i'm starting to love green more and more as i get older. i like a more pastel kind of green the best.
    also i have noticed i have basically been collecting things my grandparents had when i was a child. if only they still had their things to pass down.

  5. lovely green clock sen,,i reckin i gave you that one eh,,found it at the mitiamo tip i reckin many years back,,i will have a look and see if i have any more ole green stuff kicking around for you,,love this site ,,you and scotty rock,xoxo

  6. So many beautiful green things! My favorites are the telephone and the vanity set. My mother always says that green is God's color or nature's neutral.

    (sp) piece


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