Sunday, May 17, 2009

Scott Baker - Just like that !

Scott Baker has spent the past year writing some of the most lyrically dynamic, rockabilly styled songs around! Recording at the renowned Preston Studios, Melbourne, with the fabulous Graeme and Jamie, his music positivly cooks! Scott's music debuts on "Its a Gas 2!", and there are plans for a follow up 'Best of Preston' album later in the year. Scott is still working on a full album of his own - so stay tuned for more posts about that in the near future.

Scott's inspiration comes mostly from the early 'Sun' years - a sound and style which dominates his music....tones of Johnny Cash, Elvis and Roy Orbison effect his songs, and the thumping of a Jerry Lee style piano adds fullnes to the mix.......add a dash of hillbilly and the occasional 'jump' sound and you have one eclectic performer.......or as Jamie rightly suggests, Scott has alot of "Echucabilly" about him - sounds good to me !

You can catch Scott performing with the wonderful Pat Cappocci on the Rockabilly Stage, Wintersun, Coollangatta - Sunday the 7th June 2009...... At this point in time, Scott doesnt perform regular gigs, so dont miss this exciting one off performance! See you there !

Scott's CD's are available by contacting


  1. Scott you were fantastic!! we would have driven from Newcastle just to see you alone perform - neverind the rest of wintersun. I look forward to your debut album so keep writing and rocking.. Amber Bibby [wintersun enthusiast]

  2. Hi was great to meet both you and Paul at Wintersun...thanks for your kind words, it was such great fun playing with Pat and his band and it has always been a dream of mine to play for the rockabily crowd at wintersun. I'm glad my song 'Just like that' was so well recieved, as it took me three years to write !!! As for a debut album, I am working on it, but I wouldnt call myself a prolific writer and words dont always come easily !! Until my first album comes out, 5 of my songs will be released later this year on the 'Best of Preston No. 3' We'll be posting on this site when CD's become available as well as future gigs, so keep in touch ! Love to you both, Scott


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