Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cars we have owned........

Hello friends ! I just thought I would do a little post about the cars we have owned before, seeing as it fits the theme of my blogg ! Here is a snippet of some of the wonderful vintage lovelies that have stabled in our garage....what a shame we could not have kept them all - quite a stunning collection we would have by day, one day perhaps! If you would like to know any more about any of these beauties, just drop me a line and I will be sure to pass your questions onto Scott (hubby) so that you get an accurate answer !!!

1958 Buick
1950 Buick
1955 Caddy
1959 Caddy
'Lucy' FB Holden
'Lou' our very useful truck!
'Mary' EJ Holden
'S-Series' Val.(with 'Q-Series' features)
1969 Val.(closest to camera)
and a bike for good measure !


  1. love the cars. my favourite is the 58 buick

  2. Oh, it certianly was a beauty. My hubby has the buying and selling addiction, however he is trying to curb it. We have two cars on their way over from the US at the moment, and my hope is that we will call and end to all this buying and selling when they arrive !! Personally, I miss my little FB wagon 'Lucy' - she was a wonderful everyday driver with a modern, ecenomical engine hiding under the bonnet....I could be '50's every day and still tread a little gentler on the planet by consuming less fuel. Best of both worlds !! Lots of love ! XX

  3. Cars to die for! and even a Harley.Am full of envy.

  4. Those are some great cars, I'll bet it is hard to let them go. It's hard to beat the fins on a 59 Caddy.


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