Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hairdo how to : 1957 -1958

The key to any great vintage 'do' is to start with the right cut. When following a particular look or photograph, pay attention to the length or lengths of the hair. Many hairdos from the 40's and 50's had a number of layers, so begin with an empathetic cut and follow any of the styles sourced below for that original look......

Pompadour pageboy – smooth and sophisticated. To achieve height and fullness, all hair is set in large rollers. Hair is brushed up and away from forehead; sides are turned under and brushed forward to frame face softly.

Another version of the short ‘Chanel’ look – this time all hair is set (rollers for front, large pin curls for sides and back) to achieve a feathery, up-brushed effect. Hair is three to four inches in length all over.

Classic and feminine, this modified ‘bouffant’ is flattering to most any type of face. Front and side sections are set on rollers to achieve height at forehead, wide loose waves for sides: back is set in large pin curls so that ends will brush up into fullness.

(Source: Ladies Home Journal April 1958)

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