Sunday, May 3, 2009

About Eden Design - Garden Design and Advice

Eden Design is essentially a garden design and advice service. I specialise in gardening where plants are the main focus and attraction, however, I frequently design with hard scaping elements to suit the particular requirements of a client. My personal passion is period gardening, but with 'low maintenance and drought tolerance' the theme of most gardens today, I find contemporary landscapes are fast becoming my main work.

I choose to do my designs in water colours as this is the traditional artistic medium for garden designers of last century.... garden designs are as much a work of art as the gardens themselves! When I can find a computer program that can replicate a stunning watercolour plan, then I will use it!
I am inspired by the wonderful watercolour designs of renowned Australian garden designer, Edna Walling, and have toured many of the stunning gardens of Australia, England and America for tangible inspiration. It must be confessed, however, that many of my favourite everyday gardens can be found in my hometown of Kerang ! I love to walk around a garden that has been established through years of love and tender care by the owner - it is not only beautiful to everyone, but a joy and escape for those that live there too.

I find people don’t seem to take the time or the pride in their homes that way so much anymore, but this is where Eden Design LOVES to help out! A garden need not be high maintenance or water guzzling to be as beautiful, lush or stunning as the gardens of last century. It is a pleasure for me to help people live in a place of garden beauty and wonder once again....

A small selection of the jobs I have undertaken in the past year are shown in the images on this post... I do hope they prove an inspiration to you in your gardening endeavours!

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