Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Backroads Trail.....

Can you tell that I really REALLY love the community I live in? I am totally the history lover, I seek to promote all that is aesthetically wonderful about mid century design and the subcultures associated with it, but one of the initial motivations for this blog was to honour my Grandmothers (Alice and Jean) and their lives here in the 'Golden Rivers Country' of Northern Victoria.
Alice and Jean both lived a large portion of their long lives in this area, participating in the culture and community, caring for their environment and its people, working to make it a more beautiful, happy and connected place to live.....a place they invested in with all that they were, to build a future for their decendants (ME !!) This is why I love living here (and also because the people are so lovely and REAL, and the countryside so distinctive and charming.)
In the light of this, it thrilled me no end to see my area promoted to the masses through the formation of 'The Backroads Trail" a gourmet food tour of this region.....and let me tell you there is lots to love !! Avacados, Free Range Meats, Winery and Meadery, Olives, Honey, Wines, Citrus and and abundance of art and artisan products.  Let me share the brochure with you.......

So, this area is moving ahead dynamically in terms of gourmet and organic production (the sense of bonded community already exists) me all that is needed to see us become a world renowned region is our own distinctive music and artistic culture - just like the Bayous of Louisianna in the USA. I wonder would anyone take up the challange of building that with me? In the meantime, enjoy the tour along The Backroads Trail !

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  1. That all looks fantastically tempting! That whole area is now going down on my list of Places To Visit.


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