Thursday, November 8, 2012

Alice Jeans Vintage Fashion Parade - Part One Daywear

Oooooh, how much fun did we have at the Cohuna Festival on Saturday night? The weather was very kind, everything ran smoothly, and of course my lovely girls looked AMAZING ! In hindsight the only thing that didnt seem to work was the drawn out nature of the parade, with daywear, swimwear and evening wear interspersed with other festival activites, so that by the time the evening wear was shown the crowd had lessened considerably and the lighting was quite poor. Lessons learnt for next time !!! Here are some photographs of my ladies looking mighty fine in their daywear.....and gear up for the swimwear and evening wear posts to come in the next week !!! A huge big Mwah! to the wondenderful Bonnie Rose for loaning me a number of these stunning dresses - most are for sale -  (the rest came from my own collection), and another Mwah! to Bruce Clymo for these fabulous photographs, Melissa Easton and Roma Curtis for their amazing hairdressing, and the beautiful Ros Dwyer for her backstage assistance !!
This photograph is totally enchanting - Kylie Doyle with her amazing eye for detail - thankyou for this !!

Remi, Charlie, Ella-Rose, Molly and Tess in 50 year old dresses


My hostessing outfit

Stunning Miss Rebecca

Beautiful Miss Rachel

Fantastic Miss Shabnam

Elegant Miss Sarah

Very chic Miss Chanice

Striking Miss Somayeh

Gorgeous Miss Donna

Beautiful Miss Melissa

Sensational Miss Leah

Festival in the main street of Cohuna - Park, river gums and river.....perfect !


  1. lovely dresses,
    specially the last one!

  2. Sen, YOU ORGANISED A VINTAGE FASHION PARADE!! I mean, I KNOW you did, but wowee! You did an amazing job. Looks like you had lots of lovely ladies and girls modelling some beautiful dresses. You've taken me back in time. How wonderful. If only everyone still wore dresses like these today. Well done. You must be very proud :-)


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