Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dream house for sale.....

Oh a huge, enormous thankyou to my dear friend Trish who alerted me to this darling little gem up for sale.....apparently it was in a Vogue photo shoot some time ago, and one can easily see what the attraction was.....I would love to hear readers thoughts about this beautiful mid century vintage resort style abode.......and as I wait for comments to roll in, I will sit back, mai tai in hand and dream of the parties and happy times one could have in such a place !!!

See more about this house at the link here.......Domain Resort House


  1. How gorgeous! I love the aqua blue in the kitchen.

    Sarah x

  2. Oh, it's gorgeous! What parties one could have...

  3. Fabulous, this house looks like it was designed for parties. I am craving a cocktail with a little umbrella just looking at it!


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