Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New beginnings - a daily outfit

Upon suggestion from the ever inspiring Julie at Narioka, I have decided to post my 'daily outfit' more regularly.....OK, I dont intend to put online what I am wearing everyday - for a start, I just dont have the time to upload photographs from my camera every day - but I will attempt to share what I wear alot more often....who knew that they way I dress was so very interesting to people, but I guess, judging by comments I have received lately, it is intriguing ......at least it is for most people, with the exception of my 4 year old, daughter who tells me that the way I dress 'scares people'.......gotta laugh !!! I only hope that someday she finds the courage to dress to suit herself and not some self designated fashion mogul or magazine.

Here is what I wore today - been feeling very autumnal recently and browns are the flavour of the moment..... my skirt is one I made myself, covered in red, tan and green florals and roosters and chickens....it makes me feel very self sufficient whenever I wear my 'chicken' skirt, and my daughter very much approves !! A nice warm brown cardi to top it off ( I love cardi's) and some hoop earings. As for my hair and make up, I will detail that later in my next post, but let me say that I am now going for the whole Audrey Hepburn 1960's / Mad Men Secretarial look....stay tuned for the new hair do post!!!

My daughter giving me her tempered 'approval' of todays outfit......


  1. Quite excited to see your daily outfits. Maybe you could do one post of them at the end of the week? I would love to see a close up shot of the textures/accessories too - if that is not too hard? It's hard to make out those lovely details.

    1. For sure Trish!!! Will endevour to do that - its a wonder I hadnt thought of it before...love you gal ! XX

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks so much - happy to know you here.....

  3. Oh Yay! Feel like you are a little closer now. :0)

  4. I know it is so hard to find time to do pics every day, but you are right -- we do want to know what you are wearing! I love your daughter's comment! So typical!


  5. I love browns, though I don't wear a lot these days...your daughter is gorgeous :-)


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