Monday, May 21, 2012

New 60's Hair........

In a vastly different move for me, I have started doing my hair very 1960's in style. In my humble opinion, your hairstyle will make or break your can wear vintage till the cows come home, but unless your hair is coiffured to match, you might as well be wearing a hessian bag. As such, I have experimented and played with various options for the last 2 years, trying to find something that suited my needs, made me feel beautiful and complimented the wardrobe I have grown. It has been so much fun playing around with styles and colours...

 I have been a blonde.....

I have been a red head.........

A short haired brunette.........

And a bit of a 1920's bob (didnt really work because it had no bounce or life, being frazzled hair)

However, my hair has now had about all it can take of the experimenting. It is time for a hair health holiday. My aim is to grow it out till it looses its frizziness and stops breaking - but what to do in the meantime? I dont want to wear a hairstyle that looks like it SHOULD compliment a hessian sack !

It is the 1960's to the rescue. The 60's became known for its elaborate coiffures and updos, complimented by various wigs and hairpieces....perfect to bulk up my stringy hair. With a bit of backcombing at the top, and some strategic pinning, I can achieve the 'neat and tidy' secretarial look that is something akin to Joan in Mad Men - more practise is needed to throw a few curls and interesting bits into the do, but we are getting there. The other style - a variation of this - is to leave the ponytail attachment out as a long pony tail instead of twisting it into a bun....similar look, but a bit more Priscilla Presley or even Audrey Hepburn.

Ultimately, I hope to return to a red head at some stage, but for now, its the 1960's look for me, and I have to say, as a busy working single mum of three, this look is ideal for getting through my ordinary days with is so quick and easy to do, stays put without a fuss and actually suits the early 1960's sundresses and cigarette leg pants I am so fond of. Score !!!


  1. OMG You are rocking that hairstyle. I LOVE it. I am rather attracted to the 60s currently, myself. It's gorgeous and suits you down to the ground. x

  2. A fringe looks gorgeous on you Kesenya. You are blessed with a forehead and bone structure that can handle any sort of hairstyle, you lucky duck. My egg forehead means only a fringe is ever in the works for me.

  3. I think the "new do" really really suits you Sen.

  4. I think this style is more flattering than the others on you and I like the color better too. You look lovely.

  5. Oh, thankyou beautiful friends !! XOXO

  6. I like the loaded 60s eye — smudged liner with lashings of mascara ...the textured 60s hairdo is simply adorable.

  7. I have to say, this colour and style looks great on you...and I really like you as a red head too. Blonde is such a pain to maintain and keep healthy :(
    x Molly


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