Thursday, May 17, 2012

Handcrafted Handbag....

The other day my adorable children returned home from school toting this amazing handbag for me - you can imagine my surprise and delight with it !! The office manager at their school had had it made for me by her mother, who is one amazing seamstress. I simply had to share it with my readers.....

The bag is so lovely - perfect size for a mummy who needs to carry everything with her, and the handle sits at perfect height on my hip too. The colours match my wardrobe beautifully and who could fail to love the cute vintage print fabric !! Dee's (Office Manager's) Mum does not have an official business as such, but she does make exquisit handbags that she sells at her daughters shoe store - Adeles Shoe Gallery in Kerang (which is also a great shop to visit - they stock sensational shoes that are just that little bit quirkey and different !) If you would like a bag as divine as this, head to the Adeles Shoe Gallery facebook page and get in touch to place an order! And remember that in doing so you support local talent, local industries and businesses.......makes for one very satisfying purchase ! Happy Shopping !


  1. What a thoughtful lovely gift! I love the print.

    1. I know....I am so very was such a lovely surprise gift !

    2. Hi Kesenya,
      So glad you LOVE your bag!!!
      Thankyou for the lovely comments.


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