Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rockin Christmas Songs......

I was spoilt rotten recently by a pressie arriving in the mail from my darling sister - a copy of Michael Buble's Christms Album, which I have played and played and played already. The kids and I just love it !!! My out and out favourite is his version of Blue Christmas with a very dixie land jazz vibe.....and it all got me thinking about the plethora of great (and not so great) Christmas Songs out there....people really love this time of year dont they? They really get into the celebration and festivity and party spirit...I think that is just wonderful, it is what community is all about really - celebration together, creating memorable moments, generosity and warmth. Yes, it is truly a precious gift in itself to be able to get into the spirit of this gratful celebratory season.

So, to help you (and me) get into the party spirit, I have traweled the net for some of the lesser known but still awsome Christmas songs ....there is no Elvis, Brenda Lee or Bing Crosby in this list (although I do love their christmas music), I hope that I bring you something you have never heard before that can get your feet dancing up a storm this festive season - all with  mid century style of course! Celebrate Christmas with me, with all the gratitude in our hearts - for the freedom and life we have thanks to what happened at this time in a quiet little Israeli country town oh so long ago. Cheers everyone !!!

Blue Christmas - Michael Buble

Christmas on TV - Chris Isaak

Senor Santa Clause

Christmas Bell Rock

Merry Twistmas

Hey Santa Claus

I want a rock n roll guitar

Rockin around the Christmas tree - Bill Haley

Run Run Rudolf

They shined up Rudolfs nose

Reindeer Boogie

Dig that crazy Santa Clause

Twistin Bells

Doo Wop Christmas

Merry Christmas

Good old Country Christmas

Sleigh ride

I'd like you for Christmas

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  1. oh wow! thankyou for those links and wow! Michael Buble's Blue Christmas wowee! xxx


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