Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mill Rose restaurant, cafe, gallery and quiltshop...adorable....

A week and a half ago I took a glorious early morning drive to the little township of Ballan, roughly one hour west of Melbourne towards Ballarat. Now, I had always pictured that neck of the woods as rather cold and bleak, so imagine my extreme surprise to find the quaintest little town, full of friendly forward thinking people. I was there with work and have never enjoyed myself more on a work sojourn ! We were invited to morning tea with a local couple of artisans who talked and shared and inspired me no end with their visions for community, and artistic life in general (not to mention their glorious alarm clock collection). And might I add, their self built home, reminiscent of European streets, was breathtaking.....have a look at these photographs and see if you are not captivated !!

Then later in the day after engaging a number of people in the streets in lively discussions, we had lunch at the de-lightful Mill Rose restaurant, gallery, cafe and quilt shop. I was in total heaven !! Everything was so very beautiful, the food sheer divinity, and the ambiance the stuff happy dreams are made of. If you sew, eat, garden, or decorate, then a weekend drive to Ballan is very much in order I must say.

And for further info about the Mill Rose Rooms, as well as the newly established Ballan farmers market (maybe you could tie in your day trip to make the most of both....) check out these brochures:


  1. Glad you made it to Millrose, isn't it just beautiful.

  2. Those clocks are adorable, and I love the pink awnings! =)



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