Saturday, December 31, 2011

1950's life on the Gold Coast

In case you havent heard the news - I am in love with my new job for Village Well in workmates are such kindred spirits, the work dynamic and interesting, the group operates with integrity and ethics that make me feel extremely humbled to be there. Most recently, I have been putting together a time line of Gold Coast history ( you can imagine how much I am loving that ) and came across these adorable photographs on the Gold Coast City Council website....I simply had to share them with you, they are so wonderful....the architecture, the fashions, the culture, everything..... I love these images. As a child we would spend most July holidays on the Gold Coast enjoying the beach, the family oriented theme parks, and I have to say, the all you can eat buffet at Sizzlers restaurant! Great memories !! It was around the 40's and 50's that things began to develop on the Gold Coast as a holiday destination, and by my childhood in the 80's and 90's it had really hit its stride. More recently, the Wintersun festival was held in Coolangatta up until last year and it was terrific to head back to that region as an adult to enjoy once again the winter holiday atmosphere. So, grab a glimpse of the 50's on the Gold Coast - for some it will bring back memories, and for others it will provide fuel for inspiration - but either way, enjoy some 50's eye candy on the first day of the new year !


  1. So beautiful, I love the pic around the pool!

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures.

    Happy New Year.


  3. I really love those pictures!!! I own some 3D View master australian pictures from the late 40's and all are like a dream: color, cars, clothes and sun!!!!

  4. What a great collection of photos - I have have posted to my facebook page to share with my visitors to the Gold Coast.

    I particularly love the photo of what I assume is Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary which would have been Currumbin Bird Sanctuary back then.

    There's something special about the colours in these photos - definitely brings back childhood memories.

    Thanks for sharing.

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