Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Handmade Childrens Dresses

 About two months ago, I got all fired up...... I love sewing and find it very therapeutic, but with the winter cold my machine had remained stashed away in the laundry room gathering cobwebs and dust. Who wants to sit in a cold old laundry on a winter's day? Anyhow, all of a sudden, I felt the creative urge to bring out the sewing machine and create all sorts of havoc in my toasty warm living area, as I spread fabric, bobbins, ribbons and thread from floor to ceiling in a passionate creative frenzy of dressmaking.

I have been collecting children's clothing patterns from the 50's-70's for ages, and when I decided to have a crack at an online sustainability based shop, well, I needed some home made stock to fill it !!! Out came the dress patterns and reams of beautiful fabric I had stashed over the years, and I sewed with might and main. Needless to say after two weeks my neck was aching, and I needed a visit to the chiropractor, but the creative satisfaction was well worth it as I surveyed all the pretty frocks on hangers in my dining room.

The next fun bit was doing some little photography sessions with my daughter, and daughters of friends in the finery - after many laughs, and innumerable milkshakes and cake for thankyou's, the dresses and pictures were complete and ready to be put on my shop. I am not overly concerned about them selling, however, as they will easily fill the wardrobe of my little 'rainbow girl' if they don't.....and to my delight, she adores any clothing made for her by Mummy.

Let me just say I am so very very thankful I have had this phase of my life where I can spend time doing this sort of thing - I realise it is a great privilege to be able to spend quality time doing 'homemaking activity's' these days, sewing, baking etc, and as I survey the collection of beautiful things that have resulted from my endeavours, as well as the confidence, sparkle and joy that my children possess, it isnt hard to find something to be thankful for - despite the frequent frustrations of being a mum.
Anyhow, I hope you enjoy peeking at the results of two weeks of hard sewing labour here, and maybe, just maybe, my perfectionist grandmother looking down might be proud that I have finally learnt to sew with neatness and skill ! I hope so !

***** Alice Jean's Soda Pop Shop is now closed. Thank you for your support !!! ******    

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  1. Right! I'm getting on to my daughters. I want a grand daughter.

    These are so brilliant - I am jealous!


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