Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A giveaway at Alice Jean's

In celebration of my humble little online store (and because we all know that giveaway's are designed to promote) I am having a wonderful giveaway for Alice Jean's Soda Pop Shop !! And it is so easy to be a part of !!

All you have to do to enter is simply promote one of my products, with a link to my shop and my blog on your blog or facebook page. Simply let me know you have done so via a comment on this post or email to me and you will be in it to win it........  I will be checking out all the entries - the best promotional blurb or post will win one of these fantastic little pamper packs with all the lovely goodies below.......

Included in this package are:

1 X Carolyns Cupcake Soap valued at $12.50
1 X Mango and Berry Body Butter valued at $24.95
1 X Mango and Berry Lip Balm valued at $9.95
1 X Slice of Carolyns Cake Soap valued at $16.95
1 X 'Hope' Butterfly canvas by Alice Jean

And just to let you know, I am always up for a bit of cross promotion provided it fits with the ideology of Alice Jean's...sustainable, mid century aesthetic style living. Let me know if you are interested in mutual sharing of information on blogs or facebook, and until then - happy competing !!


  1. I was more than happy to post about your shop, without the lure of a giveaway! It's up now. I stole a couple of pics, hope that was OK!
    Is it raining cats and dogs in Cohuna?

  2. Yes I have done it via my face book page darling Sen :-) Wish me luck xox

  3. thats lovely of you for have a giveaway
    i'm so overdue for a pamper. as a mother i'm always hearing me me me i want, mothers have needs that are overdue. i think i'm going to use all the hot water this wkend

  4. what a supersweet giveaway! i included your adorable cupcake soaps in my last "things i love right now" post:


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