Thursday, July 28, 2011

I am sooooo horrified........

A BIG warning: I have no idea how this happened, other than that my Alice Jean's blog was hacked, so I want to warn all my wonderful blogging friends and followers out there. And I also want to apologise if Alice Jean's has inadvertently been a difficult blog for you to use due to any pop ups etc. Please, don't stop reading my blog if this has been the case. Maybe you could use what happened to me to warn your other friends in cyberland......

I seem to have no end of trouble commenting on my favourite blogs, and even replying to comments left on my own blog. So yesterday I set about to remedy this problem once and for all....I spent ALL DAY backing up my files and restoring my computer...only to find that the problem still exists. In the course of all this, I managed to find a website that offered assistance for what appeared to be my problem......

I had nothing to loose, so I attempted what it suggests. When I loaded Alice Jean's again after doing this, I looked closely at all my content, particularly the disclaimer that usually appears at the end of my blog pages..... I WAS HORRIFIED to see buried in the middle of my text a link type piece of text hooking up to a casino website.

Firstly, I HATE pop ups and such advertising (and I am not a big fan of gambling either - I already loose enough money on ebay without loosing any more somewhere else !!!). Secondly, I felt so violated to think that someone has been on my blog and manipulated it for their own creepy purposes. How long the hidden text had been there I do not know but.....

I promptly removed the text and anything else I could find on my blog that was not 100%. Unfortunately for me the problem with being able to comment STILL exists to my great frustration and dismay. It simply must be a problem with blogger....I have done all I can short of blowing up my PC (which I dearly wanted to do at one point !!)

Please let this be a warning to you all - if something is not working right in cyber space, check and double check it. And please please please forgive me if my blog has been the cause of any disruptions on your PC (such as pop ups), or if you have wanted to comment and have been unable to.

I do value your comments and from them, the friendships I have made !! Happy blogging (at blogger - for now.........)


  1. I'm sorry to hear about the hacking. I am pleased you were able to remedy it. I don't understand hacking myself but my email was hacked a while back and caused no end of problems.

  2. Ugh, how terrible! Hope you can clear things up soon dear.

    PS Make sure you change your username and password too.


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