Monday, July 18, 2011

Candice De Ville's Salon Show - what a wonderful day !

Above - the exquisite Candice De Ville who hosted the most beautiful day for a roomful of ladies and gentlemen at Como House, presenting the fashions we all love from the mid 20th century. Everything from Dior's 'New Look' to fairytale prom dresses were modelled by a group of sophisticated, stunning women (I guess I include myself in that description !!) - it was a day of elegance, beauty and above all, fun....for the guests and for all of us 'backstage' ! Here are a few shots to give you a snippet of the array of darling garments we wore.....

Photographs by Finessence

Sweet and sexy Bonnie Rose in her lingerie

Miss Sharon wowing the crowd in her sophisticated suiting

The incomparable Foxtrot India giving a day dress some va va vom !

Beautiful Miss Marrianne of Esme and the Laneway looking as picture perfect as ever !

Yours truly from this very blog !

The amazing Dolores Daiquiri - a total knock out once again !

And Miss Geeves who stole the show with her total elegance in her 'Dior New Look' apparel.

That's me above - looking a tad tired..... unfortunately, we were nearing the end of school term and middle of winter, and I was feeling generally life exhausted .....but what an amazing dress this was ! The beading was overwhelmingly beautiful and the weight.....lets just say that it required a heavy duty coat hanger !!

Can I just say an enormous thankyou to Candice for including me in such a wonderful event !! It was a thrill, a delight, a pleasure and an honour to have been amongst such stunning women - and Candice, you are one ever amazing woman ! Mmwwwaaahhh !

You can also check out Candices fantastic footage of the event here.......and what a glorious little piece of production work it is tooo.....ahh, Nat King Cole (sigh).....


  1. How did I miss this event? :( Looks amazing,

  2. Wonderful photos, I would SO love to be there!

  3. I can't believe it was weeks ago already! It was SO SO wonderful to see you again, and work with you too :D You looked beautiful (not tired at all!) and it was such a lovely day. x


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