Monday, June 27, 2011

Music of the Moment - The Rechords !

One of my totally favourite bands are performing a gig to raise funds for their upcoming European Tour - so get along, get down and get dancing at the St Kilda Bowls Club on July 16th..... and if you havent heard of the Rechords before, then check out these Youtube clips and be totally inspired by their fantastic harmonies and foot tappin', knee slappin' songs ! And to purchase one of their hot little CD's head to their myspace page.......

Thought it over

Money in my pocket

You're the boss with Harry De Lux

Why does my baby cry?
** All photographs used in this article are by the incomparable Brooke Orchard at Brooke Orchard Photography - check out her highly awarded and nationally acclaimed talent !!


  1. I loooove the Re-Chords! My fiance got me their cd at Chopped last year and I have been playing it non stop since, and that was almost a year ago! I hope they stop off in Adelaide again before they head to Europe :) hehe
    x Molly

  2. :D Shucks.....thanks 'AJ' ;) Tyron (The ReChords)


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