Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A visit to Sunnymeade

A couple of weekends ago I visited the most exquisite garden imaginable.....Sunnymeade in Euroa, Victoria. It was a brilliant Autumn day and I donned one of my most comfortable and prettiest dresses for the occasion and set off for the three hour trip. It was well worth the effort for the inspiration and peace the outing gave me. The garden was pretty as a picture, as you can see from the many photographs below, and Euroa offered scrumptious coffee and cake at the end of the journey. Plus, the drive gave me ample time to dream and imagine, especially on my way home as I conjured up visions of my own 'dream garden' that I someday hope to establish and see grow in beauty and gracefulness.....much the same as Craig has done with 25 year old Sunnymeade. A former chef, Craig decided to turn his hand to his greatest passion - his garden - and crafted Sunnymeade as his full time job, and pride and joy. It runs now as a bed and breakfast, as well as conducting bi-annual open gardens each year. The garden itself continues to be a work in progress ( as all 'good' gardens should be) as Craig tweaks and refines things here and there, and expands upon the already impressive 4 acres with new ideas and concepts. Sunnymead is well worth a visit for inspiration, but also for an uplifting dose of calm and's formal design and immaculate execution thoroughly deserving of it's innumerable garden awards........As for me, I could have sat on the hedged circular lawn in the sunshine all afternoon with a cup of chai tea in hand and drifted off to fantasy land.....complete and perfect happiness!

A fabric sample of my pretty dress above.....

(This dress was the first 50's inspired sundress I made in my post childbearing desire to always dress beautifully mid century vintage. It is therefore just a tad roomy and wonderfully comfortable as well as pretty to wear - and the cotton fabric is an absolute dream !!)

The gatehouse entrance

Aztec inspired wall

Moroccan inspired garden

Millennium clock

Egyptian inspiration for clematis garden

  And might I add, that Sunnymead is the first time I have seen an espaliered apple walk (such as is found in the movie "Emma" - see photograph below) in the flesh. Ever since I first saw the movie I have wanted to try one of these myself.....imagine the blossom in spring !!! One day, in my dream garden...........

 All stone work and masonry was built by the owner and designer, Craig....hasn't he done an incredible job !?

I loved the hot colours in this bed and contrast of the purple leaves - so dramatic and simply eye catching!


  1. Oh ! how beautiful, the flowers, the hedges, the apple trees. I do wish at times Vegas was a little more humid and we could grow more than palms and cactus. I miss the colour displays of the flowers.

  2. Both your dress and the gardens have blown me away! Absolutely beautiful. Two of my favourite things into one post... I feel spoilt :)


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