Thursday, April 21, 2011

Music of the Moment - The Jive Aces

Have you seen this wonderful film clip and song? It is doing the rounds of youtube, facebook etc at the moment in preperation for the single's release in May.....if you haven't yet caught it, take a peek at it now (click on the picture below).....I hope you are inspired as I was when I heard feet couldn't stay still !!! My only negative comment is that I could do without matching poodle skirted rock n roll dancers (Hmmnnnn) But for more about "the UK's no.1 jive and swing band" check out their homepage here.......

I have pretty much decided that with the colder months now upon us in Australia, red hair seems to be the most dramatically warm way to go....and keep your eye out for the stunning redhead in this thinks that is the look I will be aiming for !! But more on that at a later date.......

1 comment:

  1. So you're going red huh? Wow cool! Can't wait to see it :-D


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